Utilized to mitigate Thermal Runaway providing for safe and sustainable storage and transportation of Lithium-Ion Cells and Battery Packs up to 2.5KWh per Case
Lithium-ion Batteries

Why the Concern?

The popularity of lithium-ion batteries has risen significantly in recent years, serving as a primary source of power for smartphones, laptops, power tools, electric vehicles, and e-bikes. Despite their many benefits, these batteries pose potential dangers, such as overheating and self-ignition fire, overpressure, and toxic or flammable gas venting. Overheating and self-ignition fire can happen when the battery is exposed to high temperatures, damaged, or overcharged, which can cause rapid heating and even lead to a fire. Overpressure can cause the battery to rapidly disassemble and result in a hazardous explosion. With the growing need for effective solutions to mitigate the risks of lithium-ion batteries, there is an increased demand for advanced thermal management and safety technologies.

KULR Technology

Battery Storage and Transportation Solutions

KULR’s patented SafeX product line, including SafeCASE™ and SafeSLEEVE™, provides a comprehensive solution for the safe storage and transportation of batteries. These products incorporate KULR’s advanced Thermal Runaway Shield (TRS) technology for efficient heat dissipation, which reduces the risks of battery overheating, self-ignition, and overpressure. Additionally, SafeCASE™ and SafeSLEEVE™ offer physical protection to batteries during transport, safeguarding against potential damage caused by shock or vibration, which can trigger internal damage and thermal events. With these products’ dual-layer of thermal and physical protection, KULR can significantly reduce the risks associated with battery storage and transportation. SafeCASE™ and SafeSLEEVE™ products are versatile and easy to use, with customizable sizing to fit various battery configurations, making them an ideal solution for a range of applications.


  • U.S Department of Transportation (DoT) approved for ground transportation
  • Rated up to 2.5kWh per SafeCASE and 0.3 kWh per SafeSLEEVE
  • Reusable
  • Mitigate thermal runaway 
  • Sustainable storage and transportation
  • Safe nontoxic construction
  • Customizable 

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