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Experienced battery technology partner

Revolutionary Advancements

KULR Technology focuses on providing revolutionary advancements for battery safety technology and thermal energy management. Next generation products come with big unknowns. That’s why an experienced battery technology partner can help you get your idea from prototype to product.

We partner with you to conceptualize, model, develop test plans, and can even run validation testing to confirm performance meets design specifications. KULR offers a complete range of design services for batteries used in various industries from high-tech space satellite systems, to home energy storage and e-mobility applications.

Our innovative designs, consider weight, performance, safety and reliability integrating solutions for thermal propagation, venting and packaging. Our battery solutions are designed for high-performance, high-reliability applications, where weight, performance, safety and reliability are key functional attributes.

Fractional Thermal Runaway Calorimetry (FTRC)
Exclusively licensed from NASA

Cell Level Testing

KULR Technology has unique and proprietary cell level testing capability that can characterize the thermal runaway characteristics of various cell types. This yields data that can be used to create a battery pack design with thermal runaway mitigation measures for the most demanding applications that require the most safe and reliable designs.

In addition, KULR Technology has exclusively licensed from NASA an innovative automated cell screening line. This capability enables screening of cylindrical lithium-ion battery cells to be JSC EP-WI 37A certified for manned spaceflight.

Our cell level testing provides:

  • Cell Screening
    • Helping battery manufacturers and integrators improve the safety, performance, and lifespan of their battery packs
  • Fractional Thermal Runaway Calorimetry Testing
    • Evaluating the safety of batteries by measuring the heat released during thermal runaway reactions
  • Bomb Calorimetry Testing
    • Determining specific heat, self heating temperature and Thermal Runaway onset temperature
  • Impingement Zone Mapping
    • Identifying impingement area weaknesses in a battery packs
Safe and reliable battery design

Multiphysics Modeling

Our Engineers utilize Multiphysics Modeling to analyze potential thermal runaway outcomes using simulation before physical testing begins. This provides useful data to assist with safe and reliable battery design and shortens time to market by eliminating the need for some physical testing later in the design cycle.

KULR CubeSat battery components
Minimizing risk

Battery Design Services

Using the data collected from Cell Level Testing and Multiphysics Modeling Services, KULR Technology can design battery packs that are safe, reliable, minimize the risk of a thermal runaway event and are designed to offer passive propagation protection. These sensible battery designs are suitable for the most demanding applications where reliability and safety are paramount.

Our Battery Design Services provides:

Safe and reliable battery design

Pack Level Testing

KULR Technology has extensive experience in testing battery packs to ensure that passive propagation protection measures work as intended in a final battery pack design. This includes using proprietary cell triggering methods that better resemble real world thermal runaway events by eliminating outside variables that are introduced with traditional cell triggering methods. This provides better data that can give customers confidence in their products battery pack design.

Our Pack Level Testing provides:

Charging an electric bike battery
World class Engineers

Systems Level Testing

Utilizing our team of world class Engineers who previously designed battery systems for NASA that are suitable for manned space flight, KULR Technology can help you develop and execute an extensive systems level plan that will ensure your applications meet the performance, reliability and safety criteria to set yourselves apart from your competition.

Our Systems Level Testing provides:

Safe and reliable battery design

Transport and Logistics

Hazardous shipping documentation is required for all methods of transportation. Since batteries can pose many hazards, including chemical burns, fires and electrical shock. The transportation of batteries is regulated under the Department of Transportation (DOT). KULR can provide all the testing and documentation required to meet the stringent HazMat documentation requirements, ensuring full compliance with any government regulations.

KULR Transport & Logistics Services provides: