Smallcapvoice Interviews KULR Ceo Michael Mo And Former Air Force Chief Of Strategic Prioritization Dave Harden


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Stuart Smith: Welcome one, welcome all to another Online Business Briefing brought to you by As you just heard, I’m your host Stuart Smith and we are welcoming back to the show KULR Technology Group Incorporated. They’re traded on the OTCQB under the ticker symbol KULR. We’ve had the company on prior to this for their earnings call as well as the introduction to the company call. Please refer back to those interviews so that you can get the basic building blocks, the business model, and the markets that the companies operate in, because today we’re speaking with Michael Mo, the CEO, but we’re also speaking with Dave Harden who’s recently joined the KULR Technology Group’s advisory board. So, with that being said, let’s first welcome Michael Mo, CEO of KULR Technology. How are you today?

Michael Mo: I’m doing well, Stuart. It’s nice to be back. Thank you.

Stuart Smith: Great to have you. Thanks for taking the time to call. And, Dave Harden – Dave, welcome to the show and thanks so much for taking the time to call in. 

Dave Harden: Yeah, amazing. Thanks for invite and glad to be here today.

Stuart Smith: Well, we’re so glad to have you. I think this is one of those press releases that from an investor’s standpoint, sometimes they might miss the sizzle. Been doing this a long time and I really see why this is such a big deal. And we’re gonna get into the press release deeper, but you’re the founder and CEO of The Outpost. If we could let’s get your background and your work that you’re doing there at The Outpost.

Dave Harden: Yeah, sure – no, appreciate it. So as probably some people saw, a varied background, started by being a C-17 pilot and then I’ve written books, done a bunch of other stuff, culminated with being the Head of Strategic Prioritization for the Air Force at the Pentagon, and then most recently built the Air Force’s innovation arm from the ground up called AFWERX. Last June started The Outpost, and The Outpost really helps companies like KULR hop the valley of death, which is a famous term for some of the bureaucracy and difficulty that companies have in navigating the governmental sectors.

Stuart Smith: Yeah, that’s exactly the sizzle I was talking about. Hop the valley of death – it’s an expression, as you just pointed out, that really talks about, you know, you can have the better mousetrap, but if you do not know how to navigate the bureaucracy, as you just pointed out, you can stall out. And that’s specifically how you assist with companies at The Outpost. Michael, let me ask you. Why does this make sense right now? Let’s talk a little bit about the timing and where you are today as the company KULR Technology Group, Michael?

Michael Mo: Yes. Well, KULR’s growth strategy has always been three pillars: working with the government agencies, working with the regulators, and then for mass market adoption of our technology. So, we develop our cutting-edge technologies with government agencies such as NASA, the Air Force, and others, and then we work with the regulators on the battery safety side. We take the technologies and work with the regulation to mass market applications. Given Dave’s background at the Air Force, the Pentagon, and also his background in private enterprise sectors, having him and The Outpost onboard is really gonna help KULR on the first pillar as well as the third, the mass market adoption pillar. You know, The Outpost’s mission is to help dual use technologies to get government contracts and also expand to commercial use, and so that’s a perfect fit for what KULR is trying to do right now.

Stuart Smith: Well, Dave, let’s go back to you and let’s elaborate on that valley of death and how KULR can avoid this with your guidance.

Dave Harden: Yes, great question. The DOD in the last few years has really put more emphasis on this dual use technology. You know, Stuart, it used to be that three dollars of research money came out of the DOD in the ’50s and the ’60s versus one dollar in the commercial sector, and that’s flipped now. But the technology transfer processes haven’t, and so you kind of need an interpreter to help navigate that and that’s kind of what we do. 

One of the big breakthroughs has been a reinvention in the last few years of something called the SBIR or Small Business Innovation Research. That is a hundreds of millions of dollars pot of money that’s really available for small businesses to fast-track and get some non-dilutive capital where they’re going. KULR here is in fact on that track and that’s one of the things that we helped with. So, they have an amazing carbon fiber cathode that we believe can really move the needle as the Air Force and the DOD really tries to energize – pardon the pun – the high-power microwave directed energy and high-energy lasers that are really required for an asymmetric advantage in the world that we face today. And so, by winning a phase one SBIR, they’re now officially partners with the Air Force, and currently we have them submitted for a phase two SIBR or Small Business Innovation Research, and that’ll be – that potentially would be awarded, you know, later at the end of this year for $750,000.00. It really helps bring in non-dilutive capital to the expertise of KULR and helps the team move to the next step in the aerospace and defense sector.

Stuart Smith: Non-dilutive capital – listeners, I know a few of your ears perked up right when you heard that great stuff from you, Dave Harden. And, listeners, I want you to refer back to the press release that talked about Dave’s appointment to the advisory board. July 17th is the date line. Use that KULR ticker symbol to find out more about Dave’s – I don’t know what else to say other than illustrious career, and not only that, you have an education and a CV that makes anybody blush. So, I won’t go into the details, but I will ask you this, Dave. What drew you to KULR? I know you outlined some of it right now, but what does KULR have at the moment that others in this space might not have?

Dave Harden: Well, Michael Mo and team not only multi-decades of experience, but they also bring what I call problem solving, right? And it’s that ability to say, okay, hey, whether it’s thermal management or flexibility of design, we can come in and solve a problem. And that’s really what is needed today in the space of legacy systems. The new Chief of Staff of the Air Force just came out and said, “We have to accelerate change or die,” and I believe his message is about bringing technologies like KULR to the forefront. Not only can they make a difference in the components of large systems, but what I love about Michael Mo and the KULR team is their focus on being the lightweight systems innovator, them being the platforms that can be, for instance, move the needle on battery storage for the future in deployed environments.

Stuart Smith: Well, listeners, for those of you who have not checked out KULR Technology Group Incorporated, what a great time to do so. The dog days of summer were good to this company, but even more so falling into fall right now. The stock has done an abrupt turnaround, up to $1.33 as of the recording of this interview, a tremendous week last week in the markets for KULR Technology Group Incorporated. Michael, let’s leave it with you. As the CEO of the company, what’s the ultimate goal of this partnership? Let us know what your closing thoughts are.

Michael Mo: Yeah, great. Well, the initial goal for KULR and Dave and The Outpost team to work together is to find these broad applications that Dave just talked about of our technology, to serve our US national interest. The ultimate goal is for us to find dual use mass market applications in energy storage and other markets. We’re hoping that we can announce some of the successful milestones in the near future.

Stuart Smith: Well, Dave, thanks so much for your time today. We look forward to great things from you and KULR. We really appreciate you making time to speak with us today. Hopefully we can get an update from you in a few months, maybe right at the turn of the calendar into 2021 to see how things are progressing.

Dave Harden: Yeah, that’d be wonderful. Thanks so much for the invite and having us on for this podcast today.

Stuart Smith: Absolutely. Michael Mo, thank you once again for your time and your insights into KULR Technology Group.

Michael Mo: Thank you, Stuart. Always a pleasure to be here.

Stuart Smith: All right, for Michael Mo and Dave Harden, this is Stuart Smith of saying thanks so much for listening.

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