Contract to Test and Analyze High-Energy Battery Cells for Next Generation Electric Vehicles

SAN DIEGO / GLOBENEWSWIRE / August 16, 2023 / KULR Technology Group, Inc. (NYSE American: KULR) (the “Company” or “KULR”), a global leader in sustainable energy management, today announced it has received a contract from one of the world’s top-selling automakers (“Automaker”) for testing and analysis of high-energy battery cells for its next generation electric vehicles. The Company will implement its KULR ONE Design Solutions (“K1-DS”) platform to accelerate design readiness for the Automaker’s advanced EV roadmap.

KULR’s rigorous testing protocols incorporate its extensive spaceflight expertise and proprietary KULR ONE Design Solutions to deliver what KULR believes to be the world’s most rigorous testing platform for battery safety. These tests include Fractional Thermal Runaway Calorimetry, bomb calorimetry, and impingement zone mapping. By providing a uniquely thorough cell-level characterization of the customer’s cells, KULR is able to provide its customers what it believes to be globally unique insight into how to optimize battery safety.

Recently, EV automakers have been looking to high-performance, silicon-anode batteries and other technologies to improve the driving range and cut costs of future electric vehicles. Batteries utilizing silicon as an alternative to graphite – anodes commonly employed in present-day batteries – have demonstrated the capability to achieve substantially greater energy density and accelerated charging rates making KULR’s industry standard setting rigorous testing and safety solutions even more essential and mission critical.

“Understanding high power and high-energy cell safety, whether it’s lithium-ion, solid state, or silicon-anode, is absolutely essential if automakers want to develop a best in breed battery cell,” commented KULR CEO Michael Mo. “KULR utilizes a superior testing protocol for analyzing battery characteristics regardless of cell chemistry. K1-DS accounts for all testing variability — including the continuous swelling and shrinking during charging and discharging in silicon anodes. Ultimately, through our in-development AI applications learning from this testing data, we believe that KULR is strategically positioned to continue delivering best-in-class solutions for end-to-end battery safety across all applications and all cell chemistries.”

According to a projection by the International Energy Agency in April 2023, electric vehicles, encompassing both fully electric and plug-in hybrid models, are anticipated to account for 35 percent of new vehicle sales worldwide by 2030.

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