Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover's Thermal Management Technology Transforming An
$8 Billion Global Market

Find out how KULR Technology Group is taking its space-proven solutions for electronics and lithium-ion batteries to serve the world of electric transportation, energy storage, battery safety, 5G infrastructure, cloud computing, and aerospace and defense applications.

“To date, NASA has not found a design solution with as much promise”
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“The KULR team has been an essential part of many of our projects”
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“The scalability of this business is huge”
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“Thrilled to make a mark on this historic exploration”
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“Right now KULR is a star”
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“KULR Technology Group closes $8 million securities offering”

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We’re bringing the next generation of technology and the world is taking notice.

KULR-Tech Safe Case Targets U.S. Coast Guard’s Upcoming Safety Requirements for the Passenger Vessel Market
The initial deployment order totals approximately $1.6 million for immediate delivery with higher volume shipments expected throughout 2022 for KULR’s PPR solution, which includes the patented thermal runaway shield
“Safe transportation of lithium-ion batteries on aircrafts is fundamental to accelerating the adoption of sustainable energy sources across industries,” commented Michael Mo, CEO and Co-Founder of KULR Technology Group.