KULR to Serve as Technology Advisor to DR1 Racing

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CAMPBELL, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–KULR Technology Corp, a subsidiary of KT High-Tech Marketing Inc. (OTC: KUTG), announced today that it will be the Technology Advisor for DR1, the premier high-performance international and invitational drone racing circuit.

KULR to Serve as Technology Advisor to High-Performance Drone Racing Organization, DR1 Racing. KULR’s space-designed, light-weight carbon fiber is coming to drone racing, commercial drones and electric vehicles. #drones #droneracing @DR1Racing

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As the league’s Technical Advisor, KULR will work with drone designers, engineers, and pilots to deploy the company’s space-used and NASA-developed carbon fiber technology – helping DR1 push technical boundaries in speed, weight, and safety.

“We’re excited by this partnership,” said KULR’s CEO Michael Mo. “The DR1 league is already skirting the very limits of drone and electric vehicle performance and, with our space-flight carbon fiber, together we can do some things that will really blow people away.”

KULR’s core technology is a vertically-aligned carbon fiber material that is lighter, more flexible and more efficient than traditional thermal management products. The fiber solutions replace legacy cooling options such as fans, metal plates and liquid pump systems – things that don’t work too well on racing drones. KULR’s cooling systems can be used to cool drone cameras, fast quadrotors and batteries. The combined uses of the KULR fiber in dissipating heat from sensitive components and reducing the risks associated with battery failure will help make DR1’s racing drones faster and safer.

“Together we’re going to make DR1 drones into remote-piloted lightning,” Mo said. “But it’s not just about racing and winning – there will be a ton of testing, learning and innovating along the way,” he said.

That’s a familiar pattern. Just as innovations in high-performance IndyCar racing spawned many advances in consumer automotive design and safety, technology solutions pioneered and tested through the KULR/DR1 partnership will eventually improve the safety and efficiency of many products such as electric cars, robotics, commercial drones, and millions of consumer electronics.

“It’s going to be a great, high-impact partnership,” DR1 Founder and CEO Brad Foxhoven said. “We want every crumb of power, speed, agility and ability from our racing drones and, with KULR Technology on board as our Technology Advisors, we’re absolutely going to get that – improving the sport, the fan experience and the technology in the process.”

DR1 has previously held races around the world and sealed television and sponsorship agreements with CBS, Fox Sports, DHL, Mountain Dew and others.

About KULR Technology

Founded by some of the foremost experts in aerospace thermal management, KULR Technology is joined by industry veterans in semiconductor and industrial manufacturing. The publicly traded company’s investors and advisors include industry leaders from US, Japan, and China in the field of electrical vehicles, energy storage, communications, and semiconductors. KULR’s proprietary carbon fiber-based solutions are lighter, higher performance and more compliant than traditional solutions. Some applications of the company’s carbon fiber material include space exploration, electric vehicles, cameras and laser displays, robotics, servers and data systems, power storage and consumer electronics. https://www.kulrtechnology.com/home

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