KULR Technology to Participate at 2017 CES Pepcom Digital Experience

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December 27, 2016 – KULR Technology (“KULR”) is showcasing its latest space- technology thermal management solutions for next generation electronic devices at CES 2017. KULR is participating at the 2017 CES Pepcom Digital Experience on January 4th at the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas, where it will showcase its latest suite of carbon fiber based thermal management products. The latest in mobile devices, VR/AR gear, AI robots, smart cars, and wearable devices demand greater amounts of processing power, faster connectivity, and more compact form factors. As a result, improved thermal management systems are necessary for such devices to function properly, comfortably, and optimally. Now, KULR aims to keep the world of consumer electronics cooler, lighter, and safer.

At CES, KULR will introduce its Lithium-Ion Battery Thermal Runaway Shield (“TRS”), Fiber (carbon) Thermal Interface Material (“FTI”), Phase Change Material (“PCM”), and KULR Black (“KuBlack”) material.

For the past decade, lithium-ion batteries (Li-B) have been the cause of fires in both personal electronics devices and commercial products. Working in conjunction with NASA, KULR has adapted its vaporizing heat sink technology and created the TRS battery pack, which prevents thermal runaway propagation between lithium-ion battery cells. KULR intends to build safe, lightweight battery pack solutions for a variety of NASA applications including the astronaut space suit, Mars rovers, Orion spacecraft, robonauts, and X-57 electric plane. Dr. Eric C. Darcy, the Battery Technical Discipline Lead at NASA-Johnson Space center said of KULR’s TRS, that “initial single cell thermal runaway battery tests with the lightweight Thermal Runaway Shields as the interstitial heat sinks between Li-ion cells show promise for enabling safe, high performing battery designs. They kept adjacent cells to the thermal runaway cell under < 80 °C. As a result, NASA-JSC is pursuing further verification of customized TRS solutions for various battery applications.” In addition to NASA applications, KULR aims to provide lightweight, passive, and cost-effective Li-B pack and storage solutions in the consumer space.

KULR’s high performance thermal interface materials or FTI are highly flexible and compliant, lightweight, compact, and require low contact pressure of less than 5 psi. FTI outperforms traditional thermal interface materials having high thermal conductivity of over 100 w.m/K. and provides a wide range of gap spacing between 0.55 mm to 3 mm. FTI is also capable of being electrically conductive or non-conductive. Overall, FTI offers electronics manufacturers great design flexibility and improved performance at cost effective pricing.

KULR utilizes its proprietary carbon fiber architecture to build lightweight and cost effective phase change material (PCM) solutions for CE devices. KULR’s PCM is capable of absorbing and dissipating large amounts of heat. Processor loads in handheld products can be highly variable. There are many situations where temporary power in an electronic system can increase, especially when a device is required to perform multiple functions simultaneously. For example, social media activity while listening to music or a short phone call while playing games draws more power and generates more heat. With peak loads in the order of minutes and ergonomic considerations limiting surface temperatures and acoustical noise, handheld devices such as smart phones or tablets are excellent candidates for KULR’s PCM.

KuBlack is a carbon velvet like material that is 99.3%+ black. It is easy to handle with the added benefit of having high thermal conductivity similar to FTI. KuBlack can be used for any application that requires light suppression such as in sensors, camera lenses, thermal and IR imaging. Reflecting almost no visible light, KuBlack also works great for light beam control in automotive and architecture lighting applications.

KULR Technology cordially invites all interested parties to visit with them at CES Pepcom on January 4, 2017 at the Mirage or at its private suite at the Bellagio from January 5 to 8, 2017. For more information or to schedule an appointment please email KULR at [email protected].

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