KULR Technology to Expand into the Luxury EV Space

2022 08 15 kulr

ULR’s thermal interface material will be added to Drako Motors’ all-electric luxury supercar.

Drako Motors’ ew GTE supercar will be equipped with carbon fiber thermal interface material developed by KULR Technology Group, a San Diego-based supplier of thermal management technologies used in NASA space missions.

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The Drako GTE is an all-electric quad-motor luxury sportscar. (Image courtesy of Drako Motors)

The company’s power management technology recently made headlines for its use in NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover Mission, launching in late-July. Since its founding in 2013, KULR has established a footprint in the space market with more than 30 contracts with NASA. Its lithium-ion battery storage products have also been used in the International Space Station.

KULR is now working to expand its target market beyond space applications. In an investor presentation in June, the company said that today it is working towards “commercializing our space-qualified electronics and battery cooling technologies across a diverse array of mass-market consumer-facing applications.”

In addition to aerospace and defense, KULR’s other target areas include high-demand markets such as battery safety and testing, electric mobility, utility-level energy storage, 5G, cloud computing, consumer devices, and shipping and logistics.

The new Drako Motors partnership allows KULR a well-publicized entry into the EV space. Competing with the likes of Tesla’s Model S P100D, Drako’s four-motor, 1,200-horsepower electric sports car is capable of reaching a top speed of 206 mph, with a battery designed to output 1,800 continuous amps and 2,200 peak amps. The Drako GTE is currently priced at $1.25 million.

In announcing the partnership on July 23, KULR Technology Group CEO Michael Mo wrote that the move allows the company to demonstrate “a reference design platform for the highest performance EV supercar in the world.”

Shiv Sikand, co-founder and executive vice president of Drako Motors, also stated in the announcement that the battery cooling technology used in NASA’s most demanding applications “enables us to safely push the limits of electric vehicle performance on both road and track.”

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