Dr. Timothy Knowles to Present at Space Expo 2018

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Dr. Knowles will present during the conference Open Tech Forum on “Meeting High-Performance, High-Demand Thermal Management with Carbon Fiber.” The presentation will take place at:

Dr. Knowles has been working with NASA and on related space and aerospace projects for more than 30 years. He has secured more than 500 research and development contracts with NASA, JPL, Boeing, the Department of Defense and others.

As CTO at KULR Technology, Dr. Knowles has led the development and commercialization of KULR Technology’s core technology – vertically-aligned carbon fiber material that is lighter, more flexible and more efficient than traditional thermal management products. KULR’s carbon fiber has virtually unlimited commercial and industrial applications in areas such as increasing the longevity of electronic components, maximizing the efficiency of energy storage and contributing to the development and efficiency of electric vehicles and drones. KULR’s products and design solutions have been recently used on NASA’s NICER mission and are included in the upcoming CubeSat “Lunar Flashlight” mission set to launch in November, 2018.

Among the more promising uses for KULR carbon fiber is dramatically improving battery safety. KULR, in development and testing with NASA, has developed a thermal shield that can help prevent dangerous lithium-ion battery fires and explosions due to thermal runaway. In March, KULR announced an agreement with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, to be the exclusive manufacturing partner of the Internal Short-Circuit (ISC) device, which can cause predictable lithium-ion cell failure in controlled conditions, making the failures easier to study and prevent.

Space Expo 2018 will feature hundreds of specialized, high-tech manufacturers and innovators in and affiliated with the space and aerospace markets. Other speakers at the conference include representatives from Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA, Space X, Blue Origin and the United States Air Force.

For information on Dr. Knowles, his presentation, KULR Technology or the Space Expo 2018, please contact [email protected](786) 499-8998

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