Proven Energy and Thermal Management Solutions.

ARA Thermal Capacitor

A carbon fiber infused heat sink that utilizes phase change materials (PCM) to absorb/provide heat.

CRUX Cathode

Made of carbon fiber velvet, this cathode provides a means of generating powerful pulses of electronics by field emission from the tops of carbon fibers.

HYDRA Thermal Runaway Shield

Used in battery packs, the HYDRA shields cells from increasing in temperature, and entering into thermal runaway.

LYRA ISC Trigger Cell

A testing tool for your battery packs, used to identify and study failure modes and safety issues that may arise.

URSA Fiber Thermal Interface

High performance, flexible, thermally conductive carbon fiber materials.

VEGA Internal Short Circuit

Utilized in the design process of Li-ion cells and battery packs to identify failure modes and safety issues.