LYRA - ISC Trigger Cell A testing tool for your battery packs, used to identify and study failure modes and safety issues that may arise.

LYRA - ISC Trigger Cell

The LYRA internal short circuit (ISC) trigger cell, utilizing proprietary technology exclusively licensed to KULR by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and NASA, is the ideal testing tool for your batteries and battery packs. Through its use, failure conditions of a cell are mimicked in order to identify and study the failure modes and safety issues that could arise within Li-ion batteries and battery packs. 

Historically, nail penetration tests have been used to short circuit Li-ion cells. This is widely considered an archaic testing method that has a number of drawbacks. NASA, NREL, and KULR Technology noted a need for change in these testing methods, and subsequently developed a new testing method for Li-ion batteries. The LYRA is a Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery cell (which comes in 18650, 21700, and pouch versions), that has a VEGA ISC device securely placed inside. The VEGA is intentionally triggered on demand causing the LYRA to short circuit. Failure modes and safety issues can be identified and studied with the aid of the LYRA. This is a valuable engineering tool for research institutes, battery manufacturers, and OEMs looking to improve the performance and safety of Li-ion batteries and battery packs.