Overheating is one of the most critical issues in the computer industry.

Make electronics ​cooler, lighter and safer with
carbon fiber-based thermal management technology.


Enabling next generation​ applications with carbon fiber-based thermal management solutions.

Technology & Products

Thomas Edison discovered electricity with carbon-fiber filament. Carbon fiber will revolutionize the thermal management industry in the same way.

What is KULR?

We create innovative space technology that will transform the world of electronics. We make electronics cooler, lighter, and safer.

Superior Thermal
Management Solutions

We develop high-performance thermal management (cooling) technologies for a wide array of electronics and energy storage applications. Heat generated by an electronic system’s internal components can impair performance and result in system failure and shortened life. Our unique Carbon Fiber Cooling (CFC) technologies are exceptional, high in thermal conductivity and heat dissipation properties. CFC technologies are also very light weight and compliant, which are of key importance for many electronics applications where weight and system design restrictions (i.e. miniaturization of devices) are of serious concern to the industry.

Our thermal management solutions are deeply rooted in the aerospace industry serving the likes of NASA, JPL, Raytheon and Boeing. CFC technologies play an important role in space exploration having been utilized in the Mercury Messenger and the International Space Station’s NICER telescope. We are also proud be a part of the upcoming Lunar Flashlight and 2020 Mars Rover missions.

Today, we provide next level thermal management solutions for next generation space, industrial, military, electric vehicle, consumer electronic, mobile and cloud computing markets. KULR Technology stands uniquely positioned to meet the increasing system and power demands of the world of electronics.